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Positano, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast

In this guide on Naples and the Amalfi Coast we wish to provide the traveller with an itinerary around this marvellous area of Italy and as much information as possible to discover one of the most admired and visited coastal areas in the world.

Sea lovers will be captivated by its unrivalled beauty of views and will know picturesque and singular towns which are the perfect backdrop for unforgettable holidays. The Amalfi coast has always been linked to exclusive tourism and luxury with towns such as Amalfi, Positano and Ravello to name just the most celebrated of the region.

It is important to highlight that the area was already an important tourist destination in the times of the Roman Empire. Anyway, the strip of the Costiera Amalfitana has many more towns of tourist and cultural interest, and all the municipalities that compose it were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997.


The current Costiera Amalfitana lies over what was the Amalfi Republic, one of the Italian seafaring republics that dominated the Mediterranean in the 12th century. The name of the area derives from the historical capital of the republic: Amalfi, which is nowadays one of the most visited and beautiful towns of the coast.

Alter the fall of the Roman Empire, Amalfi and all the Costiera became part of the Duchy of Naples until 839 when they declared themselves an autonomous republic. From then on, thanks to its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea, the Republic of Amalfi consolidated its economic power as a maritime republic as it was the link between the Italian peninsula and the north of Africa, the Orient and the Byzantine Empire.

This growth and progressive wealth in the area attracted continuous pirate attacks and the obvious interest of its neighbouring states. When the relations with the Orient weakened, it brought the region’s decline and the Republic of Amalfi and the region impoverished. Fortunately in the second half of the 19th century the area was chosen by the celebrated Ibsen and Wagner to spend long periods, it brought the rebirth of an area that is today one of the most important tourist destinations at an international level.


Each town that forms part of this marvellous region deserves a visit for their beauty and beaches but, without a doubt, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello cannot be left off an itinerary aimed at exploring some of the most beautiful places throughout Italy.

It is evident that for its closeness, the splendid Sorrento and Capri, though geographically speaking are not part of the Costiera, should be included in a travel around Campania. These two places of perfect beauty give a panorama of the coast that is impossible to describe in words.

Sorrento boasts wide observation decks that give unique vistas of Naples and Vesuvius, as well as the spectacular sea in front of this precious coastal town. Its cliffs are breathtaking and these unique sceneries have drawn celebrities from different fields who have chosen Sorrento as a tourist destination, together with an endless number of travellers who year after year visit this town that has all the attractions to turn your holidays into a unique experience in your life.

The narrow and winding road that connects Sorrento and Amalfi gives marvellous vistas of the region as it sweeps by the highest and most vertiginous cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. There is no way to complete a trip to the region without visiting Capri. The marvellous and outstandingly famed island that in the 50s turned into the meeting point of the international jet set and which unlike other towns which have been losing part of their glamour as years went by, Capri still is an electee as a tourist destination at an international level.

Its celebrated and much photographed central piazzetta is packed with luxury shops, exclusive restaurants and prestigious cafes. There are many tourists who go on excursions on a day trip from Naples and Sorrento by ferries that constantly connect these towns with the splendid island. From the cable car running to the highest part of the island the vistas to enjoy are dreamlike.

Another city we will deal with is the singular, chaotic and marvellous Naples, a city which for its artistic, cultural, historical and gastronomic legacy has contributed to its historic centre being declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

Traces of the Greeks, Romans, Normans and Spanish were left in the city as they took power. Naples hides artistic wonders and besides enjoying the historical legacy of this important cultural centre, the traveller has to feel and experience a city which hardly has a rival in the world. In this guide the cultural activities which take place in the region are also referred to, as well as the gastronomic tradition of the area, no doubt one of the most varied and delightful of Italy.

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We trust the content of this guide to be useful for those who are organizing a trip to the region and will awake the curiosity of those who are just thinking about what destination to choose.