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Naples - Way of Life

“Cunning” would be a perfect adjective suitable for Neapolitans:. Along the street you may find street vendors offering affectionate couples second hand newspapers to line the car windows, or perhaps a seller offering t-shirts with a seat belt design to avoid traffic fines or counterfeit goods of any kind blanketing the street.

As Neapolitan population has been much neglected by its rulers, they have mastered the arrangiarsi (getting by ) on what they may have near at hand.

However, they still know how to relish la dolce vita. There is a widespread stereotypical opinion all over the world about what characterizes the Italians. They are considered the incarnation of passion, pride and drama. The Neapolitans know this impression has been formed because of them and do not accept this image. Neapolitans get involved in everyone’s lives as much as they can. Eavesdropping others conversation is not shameful.

They are engrossed with every fact of life. Naples’ high density about 14 times the national average may account for being accustomed to having others so close to learn about other’s business. Lack of trust on government is another feature of Neapolitans life. They have been so neglected by the authorities that do not feel compelled to be good to them, a fact which reflects in tax evasion and illegal building.

The Camorra has been paved the way for this lack of interest of the administration on its people. And this criminal organization has learnt what to give to get its way.