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Naples History - Present


Throughout the 90s Naples milieu was: the Camorra was `power-hungry, public services were completely inexistent and corruption permeated the daily style of life. However its mayor Antonio Bassolino was determined to give Naples a new birth, a politician in full support of the Clean Hands anticorruption movement which was spread throughout Italy as this public enemy was everywhere in the country.

The campaign to stop illegal activity embraced turning Piazza del Plebiscito into a pedestrian area, setting up a new art festival, refurbishing the metro with strokes of modern art and playing host to the G7 summit. What followed was a continuing deterioration of all the feats Bassolino had achieved. He left the mayoralty as had been elected president of Campania. His successor had to face very hard times: policemen blamed for torturing protestors, rubbish lining the corners for collecting contracts were not dealt with, and the clans clashing to control the drug trafficking which left 47 dead. As the article Città Perduta published in 2006 assures the town is living a very hard moment in which it does not know where its future lies whether it will control the Camorra or submerge itself in darkness.